GNUe Traffic #79 For 3�May�2003

Editor: Peter Sullivan

By Arturas Kriukovas �and� Peter Sullivan

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This covers the three main mailing lists for the GNU Enterprise ( project, plus the #gnuenterprise IRC channel.

1. Announcing the 0.5.0 releases

26�Apr�2003�Archive Link: "[IRC] 26 Apr 2003"

Summary By Arturas Kriukovas

People: James Thompson,�Jeff Bailey

James Thompson (jamest) asked Jeff Bailey (jbailey) what was the status of the ".debs for sid" . Jeff said there was still some work needed "to eliminate the noise that the debs make when they're being installed." (The one's from sources.list mentioned in the #gnuenterprise topic).

James also noticed that some release announcement was needed, because the current announcement procedure took too long.

2. Using Parameters in Forms

26�Apr�2003�Archive Link: "[IRC] 26 Apr 2003"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Forms

People: James Thompson,�Jason Cater

James Thompson (jamest) was trying to query back "incoming fax images that are not assigned to a customer" (i.e. had a NULL customer ID), but could not get this to work properly "as the conditions rightfully filter that out - i don't want to change that behaviour as I use it to make several forms look like they're pulling from different tables though they are not" . He wondered about using "a on-startup trigger" to resolve his current problem, "but I don't know how i'd pass in the NULL" value to the trigger. Jason Cater (jcater) came up with "some hackerish ways to do it" , giving some sample code using the parameters dictionary, but added "I don't consider it "good form" though" . James was more impressed - "that's worth implementing just as a sample :) - as it's evil and something I'd not have thought about" it, as he "associates the parameters dict w/ dialogs not the master form" . Jason said parameters had never been intended for use with "dialogs - though they've become a nice fit" .

James asked "how do I use the parameters at the main form level - do I need to set catchNull" ? Jason said "iirc there's a form-level setParameter" . James knew this, but meant with respect to initialisation. Jason said "I think you have to add a <parameters> section - that defines the parameter - if so, there you can set a "default"" . James asked if this was documented in the developer's guide. Jason said it should be once he had finished it.

3. Native Microsoft Windows UI for Forms

26�Apr�2003�Archive Link: "[IRC] 26 Apr 2003"

Summary By Arturas Kriukovas

Topics: Forms, Common, Designer

People: Bajusz Tam�s,�James Thompson,�Jason Cater

Bajusz Tam�s (btami) announced "the native win32 form client is functional now, so feel free to try and report bugs" . It still lacked some features like picture support or tooltips, "but it has better dropdown and tabbed pages support than wx (on win32)" .

James Thompson (jamest) smelled "a 0.5.1 release RSN" . Jason Cater (jcater) said outstanding bugs in designer need to be fixed first or "maybe we can do forms 0.5.1 without designer" .

4. Designer wizard to compile web forms

29�Apr�2003�Archive Link: "[IRC] 29 Apr 2003"

Summary By Peter Sullivan

Topics: Designer

People: Jason Cater,�Jan Ischebeck,�James Thompson

Jason Cater (jcater) asked "what is that webform wizard that was added yesterday? on the surface, that seems quite counter to our goals of a ui-independent form definition" . Jan Ischebeck (siesel) explained "Its a short time solution to create html + javascript code out of a gnue-forms definition. In normal cases that code could/should be generated on the fly by an cgi script. At the moment it is more like a "compile" step. /me is planning to give the administrator the choice of doing the parsing of the gfd file 1. on the fly (by a cgi script) 2. direktly after a changing the gfd files 3. by the javascript client itself." James Thompson (jamest) asked "should a quick hack be part of designer? or a seperate script altogther" - "it sounds like it works nothing like the other wizards" . Jan explained that "the reason for adding it to designer was, that its much more difficult to write a seperate script than writing a wizard" - "In its form its a bit similar to the "create Schema" Wizard, which is disabled" as of time of writing "because of schema definition changes, I think." Later, he said he had "changed the name to "Compile for jsForms" and the entry in the menu to "Extras|Compile Form for GNUe JsForms' - hope that makes it more clear" .

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